Design-Build: It's in our DNA!

At Builders By Design, our name says it all. Design-Build is what we do best. With Design-Build, we are your single, turn-key source for design and construction. By doing this, the customer has more input in the project, costs are more effectively controlled, and the end product is on time and on budget.

Our Design-Build team is experienced in guiding you through the process. We listen closely to what our customers have to say and work hard to provide exactly what they want.

There are four main reasons why Design-Build is your best choice.

1. Design-Build construction saves time because the designers and builders are working together with the end project in mind.

2. Design-Build construction saves money because we design specific to the customer’s needs and coordinate that design with the construction planning from the very beginning. There are not additional margin costs that would come from using different design and construction companies. These costs needlessly drive up the overall construction costs.

3. Design-Build allow for more customer involvement. From design to construction, we consult with and listen to our customer. If it’s important to them, it’s important to us. Customers can help guide the design and select elements that best fits their vision and meets their project budget.

4. Design-Build helps you build exactly what you need, no more and no less. We utilize programming to input the factors of use and needs to determine what kind of space is needed and how large that space should be. This effectively helps manage the building and budgeting to deliver exactly what the customer needs.

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