About Builders by Design

Creating your Blueprint for Success

When facing a building or expansion project, the process of programming, designing, construction, and managing the project within set budget constraints can be quite daunting. If this is a problem you are facing, Builders By Design is your full-service solution.

At Builders By Design, we provide design and construction services in the commercial, industrial, and residential market sectors. We are a design-build construction company. That means we can take your ideas and make them reality. From concept to completion, we are your single-source provider for your next building project. Our customer-centered approach utilizes your ideas to design projects that fit your needs and stay within budget.

Focused on Customer Expectation

Customer satisfaction is the top priority at Builders By Design. We know our reputation is at stake with each building project we take on. We don’t just want happy and pleased customers. We want exceptionally happy and pleased customers. Our goal is to exceed every expectation.

The building process can be a stressful and uncertain time. We make the process as easy, painless, and worry-free as possible. There are many steps, stages, and needs in the lifespan of a construction project. Builders By Design is a single-source design and construction provider. You won’t have to deal with and manage multiple phases and construction companies to finish your project. We will carry the project through, from inception to completion.

Every customer has their own needs and priorities which makes each construction project unique and different. We gladly taylor each project to meet those needs.

Embracing Today's Technology, Building Value

In the past years there have been many changes in the construction industry. From new construction materials and methods to technology-based design improvements and engineering, the means and methods of construction has evolved. We at Builders By Design have evolved as well, but we only use the newer materials and methods that have been proven. We will never experiment with your project.

We use an integrated software package that accurately provides proposals, estimates, contracts, schedules, and cost accounting based on the unique parameters of your individual project. We create fresh designs using today’s architectural and construction design trends and elements. This creates a modern, efficient, and cost-effective end product. We also embrace sustainable and green construction when specified by our customers.

Better Design, Better Construction, Better Experience

The principles that guide Builders By Design are really quite simple. But in their simplicity, they form the most solid foundation for building customer satisfaction.

They are:

Our success is dependent upon remembering these three principles.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of any building project is hard to determine in a general way because there are so many variables and options that could be in play. Because of these many factors that can affect the final costs, it is best to contact Builders By Design and let us talk with you about your needs. From that, we will be able to provide you with a complete project quote.

Buildings and construction projects come in all sizes and shapes with varying levels of complexity. When we quote your project, we’ll be able to give you a time frame for completing the project.

Yes! We provide site evaluation services. We will inspect and evaluate various possible building sites to determine the cost of building on each site and check other factors that affect site suitability. We can also assist in locating your business for visibility, demographics, traffic flow, etc.

Being a design-build company, we are your single, turn-key source for your entire construction project from design to construction. By doing this, you have more input in the project, costs are more effectively controlled, and the end product is on time and on budget.

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